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The EDIAGNO Healthcare comprises of a team of certified and experienced professionals Specialist Doctor, Nurses – M.Sc. (Nursing), B.Sc. (Nursing) and G.N.M. ,Home Health Aides (Trained Bedside Attendants) – Multipurpose health workers and NSDC certified bedside attendants, Physical Therapist – M.P.T. and B.P.T.

As part of our security policy:

All Home Health Aides are subjected to background checks and antecedent verification.

EDIAGNO Healthcare security protocols ensure ongoing monitoring of home visits.

Any security/privacy breach can be reported using helpline 8929800070 or [email protected]

Patients will have complete transparency regarding the identity of our visiting healthcare personnel.

Yes, you may stop our services whenever you decide to. You simply need to give us written notice (by email) 48 hours in advance.

As quickly as you need them. We provide a reliable, compassionate, affordable caregiver on your timeframe, according to your needs.

Our services are currently available in Heart of India: Delhi-NCR. We are very soon coming up in Haryana, AGRA, UTTRAKHAND,  JAIPUR also.

You can choose from multiple options to find a EDIAGNO caregiver near you - Book online www.ediagno.com, request a call back on our website or simply dial +91 8929800070. Our team will connect you with the nearest caregiver at home in your city.

All our caregivers are our own employees & are trained under National Skill Development Project. They undergo a pre-employment health check and are police verified for background checks and records. They also undergo regular training sessions conducted by EDIAGNO.

Based on your requirement, EDIAGNO assigns trained caregivers at home who can look after your loved ones and provide holistic support at home. Trained caregivers, however, do not take care of medical needs like injections or changing catheters and do not help with household chores.

The cost depends on the details of your requirement. It is based on several factors including criticality of illness, duration of service, city for service & other details.

No. You do not need Doctor’s recommendation for our caregiver service.

Yes. We have hassle-free online payment gateway for your convenience.

Our caregivers are focused on patient care. In cases where patients need help with feeding etc, our caregivers will be glad to help. Household chores like floor cleaning, mopping or cooking are not part of their duty.


We have qualified Physiotherapists with MPT & BPT degrees; all of them are experienced professionals & are well trained in providing home-based care.

Our Physiotherapist measures improvement in your condition over time and recommends next steps, exercises & a course of action for you.

Session count and duration depends on the patient’s condition and our evaluation. On an average a Physiotherapy session lasts for about 45 minutes.

Our prices for Physiotherapy start at INR 650 & depend on the medical condition, city for the service & other details.